Maduna Protection Services specialises in various security aspects including Physical guarding of Commercial and Residential areas, Riot Control, Access control, Receiving and Dispatching, Retail guards specialising in prevention of shoplifting, Stock shrinkage prevention, Customer liaison, Fitting room control and receiving.

To be proficient in all above areas, it is imperative that our guards receive extensive training across this broad spectrum. Maduna is accredited with SASSETA for skills development training and it does most of its training and it is positioned to provide comprehensive technical and professional services that is pertinent to its customers.

Maduna Protection Services has diverse range of vehicles that are used for patrolling and deployment of the security officers. Some of these cars are utilised for armed response on sites where there is firearm threat.

We have vehicles that can effectively be used in rough terrain and also for the smooth tarmac surfaces. We are also licensed by SA Government to operate armoured vehicles for riot situations such as strikes and or where our clients lives are in danger and are in need of such service.