Be proactive to prevent burglars from entering your home and business by choosing from our whole range of Alarm Systems and In and Outdoor Detectors. We install both wired and wireless systems at an affordable price.

Alarm Systems

We offer our clients all types of Alarm Systems from 8 to 64 Zones suitable for your home and business. They come wired and wireless. You can also choose from our pet free components to accommodate your pets.

Our gadgets are user-friendly with the option of being remotely operated through your smartphone. Our systems are compatible to major Armed Response Companies. They are lightening immune. They provide option of panic, medical emergency and fire situations.

Video Detectors

Lower your armed response costs; improve your armed response time and virtually eliminate your false alarms. This is a wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification.

Upon activation of the PIR (sensor) a video clip is sent to your smart phone or Armed Response company. The system has indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility. It has a battery life that last for up to 4 years. No need to worry that during load shedding your property is at risk.

Electric Fencing

We provide household names of electric fencing products to protect utilities; facilities and infrastructures. You have option of linking your electric fence to your alarm system or your response company.

In/Outdoor Detectors/Beams

Strengthen your first line of defense by preventing unauthorised access onto your premises. You can choose from our vast range of wired and wireless detectors for the safety of your family and business.